Latex Polymer Liquid™

Increases durability in concretes and mortars, seals dusty concrete floors


Water Absorbent Latex Polymer Liquid is used for increased durability in concrete, mortars, underlayments, thin set mortars, resurfacing mortars or sealing dusty floors. Apply as an admixture or brush for sealing. Latex Polymer Liquid is a milky white color and dries clear and absorbs water.

Dependable and Durable

• Easy to mix and apply
• Long lasting formula
• Will not re-emulsify
• Mildew resistant
• Water will not affect the dry bond

• Highly versatile
• Self-bonding
• Breathable
• Self-curing

Where to Use

• Indoors or outdoors
• Where added durability is required
• High rise buildings
• Balconies, parking garages

• Partial or full repairs
• Bridges, tunnels, marine structures
• Interior or exterior


Latex Polymer Liquid is a styrene butadiene based water absorbent mix.


Apply as directed by product with which Latex Polymer Liquid is being mixed.

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

1 gal. jug
5 gal. jug
55 gal. drum