White Aqua Shield Waterproof Coating™

Waterproofing interior and exterior walls

Repair Thickness

Featheredge to ⅛"

Set Time

1 Hour

Application Technique

Roller, Brush, Spray


White Aqua Shield Waterproof Coating is a polymer modified, high performance waterproof coating for interior or exterior walls, Tanks or Pools. White Aqua Shield powder is simply mixed with the included Latex Liquid and applied to Concrete, Concrete Block and other stable masonry surfaces.

Dependable and Durable

• Original waterproof masonry coating
• Withstands 133.88 psi head of
water pressure

• Self-bonding and self-curing
• Two components – just add latex liquid
• Includes 1 gallon of latex liquid

Where to Use

• Concrete walls, concrete block, tanks
• Any concrete or masonry surface
• Swimming pools

• Basement walls
• Indoors or outdoors


White Aqua Shield Waterproof Coating is a special blend of cements, aggregate and exclusive modifiers. Designed for waterproofing interior or exterior walls.


Apply with 4″ to 6″ paintbrush, medium nap roller or spray-gun. Over concrete apply up to 150 square feet per coat. Over concrete block apply up to 100 square feet per coat. Color difference is possible due to impurities in the existing surface. If discoloration is objectionable, coat the surface with exterior latex paint. For waterproofing, 2 coats are recommended.

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

30 lb. kit
(17 lb. powder & 1 gal. latex liquid)

100-150 sq. ft.