Concrete Colorization

Custom colors as an exact match for repairs


JE Tomes can lab match and factory blend TintCrete™ Colored Concrete Patch, TintCrete™ Color Concrete, and TintCrete™ Colored Cement Resurfacer accurately and consistently to color match your project.

Where to Use

TintCrete™ Patch

• Featheredge to over 2″ thick
• Patch concrete and mortar
• Resurface concrete
• Interior or exterior surfaces

• Horizontal, vertical or overhead
• Warehouse floors, bridges
• Beans, columns or balconies
• Full depth repairs when extended

TintCrete™ Concrete

• Form and pour applications
• Concrete patching minimum 3/4″ thick
• High rise buildings
• Parking garages

• Balconies
• Partial or full repairs
• Bridges, tunnels, marine structures
• Interior or exterior use

TintCrete™ Resurfacer

• Areas where reduced appearance
of repairs is a priority
• Concrete repair
• Grouting

• Anchoring
• Casting
• Underlayment