CTS Cement/Rapid Set Finished Products

CTS/Rapid Set Finished Products

Rapid Set Cement
All Grout

High quality repair mortar

Rapid Set Mortar Mix

High quality mortar material

Rapid Set Concrete Mix

High quality concrete material

Rapid Set
Ultra Flow 4000/8

Precision, fluid non shrink grout

CTS Construction Grout

Versatile, high strength,
non shrink grout

Rapid Set DOT Repair Mix

High performance concrete
repair mortar

Rapid Set Stucco Mix

Premium pre mixed stucco material

Rapid Set WunderFixx

Durable, fast setting concrete
patching material

Rapid Set OnePass

Drywall repair material and join compound

Rapid Set Skim Coat

Patching, skim coating and underlayments

Rapid Set TRU
Self Leveling

Topping, resurfacing and underlayment

Rapid Set TRU Primer

High adhesion acrylic latex polymer

CTS/Rapid Set Cements

Rapid Set Cement

Fast setting, high strength, low
shrinkage hydraulic cement

Rapid Set Eisenwall

Premium exterior plastering and
stucco cement

KSC Komponent

Expansive cement that creates a
Type K cement when added to
Portland Cement