Gun-Rite™ Shotcrete 5000 XTRA

Includes corrosion inhibitor

Repair Thickness

Tapered - 5"

Set Time

30 Minutes

Application Technique



Gun-Rite 5000 XTRA is a complete high performance shotcrete mix with proven durability and consistency. Gun-Rite 5000 XTRA contains cement, aggregate, corrosion inhibitor and a proprietary blend of modifiers. The widely used “Gun-Rite” formulation assures quality and durability.

Dependable and Durable

• Minimum Shrinkage
• Department Of Transportation Approved
• Very low rebound & low waste
• High strength – Over 7500 psi
• High reactive pozzolan enhanced

• Low Resistivity
• Portland Cement based
• Factory blended-One component
• Corrosion Inhibitor Included

Where to Use

• Large and small structural repairs
• Bridge repairs
• Parking garage restoration
• Interior or exterior surfaces

• Wastewater tanks
• Slope stabilization
• Mines or manholes


Gun-Rite 5000 XTRA is a special blend of cement, aggregate, high reactive pozzolans, alkaline resistant fibers, corrosion inhibitors, water reducers, air entrainment, and exclusive modifiers. Designed for general-purpose and high performance wet method shotcrete applications.


Apply in accordance with ACI 506R “Guide to Shotcrete.” After achieving a SSD condition, apply product while taking consideration for rebound and compaction around reinforcing steel. Shoot material at 90 degrees to the surface whenever possible. If multiple lifts are being used, apply succeeding lift after first lift has reached final set. If succeeding lift is not promptly placed, keep the surface moist. Cut off or level as required.

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

60 lb. heavy-duty polyethylene-lined bag

0.5 cu. ft.