N-3 Mortar Mix™

Mortar designed for masonry restoration and tuckpointing

Product Description

N-3 Mortar Mix is a pre-blended masonry mortar designed as a better alternative to high strength Type N mortars. N-3 Mortar Mix is designed to have a strength of 850 psi, providing flexibility to withstand expansion and contraction without cracking or causing masonry units to spall. The 50# bag is lighter to reduce injuries and can be mixed in a standard 5-gallon pail, reducing waste.
N-3 Mortar Mix is a special blend of Portland cement, hydrated lime, dry masonry sand and exclusive modifiers. Designed for long lasting, high performance masonry use.



• 850 psi – not too strong
• 50 lb. bag reduces waste and injuries vs. 80 lb. bags
• Easier to clean

• Entire bag mixes in 5-gallon pail
• Easier to work with

For Best Results

Grind joint back to sound mortar or to a minimum depth of ¾”. Apply to a clean, sound, saturated surface dry (SSD) substrate. Material, substrate and ambient temperatures should be between 40° F and 90° F. If ambient temperature is above 90° F, follow proper hot-weather masonry procedures. If ambient temperature is below 40° F, or expected to drop below 40° F, follow proper cold-weather masonry procedures.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is critical to achieve long lasting results. Remove existing mortar from joints using grinder. Remove to a minimum depth of ¾” and continue to remove until sound mortar is found. Joints to be tuckpointed must be clean, sound, and free of any residue, including mortar residue. Joints to be tuckpointed should be saturated surface dry (SSD). Saturate the joints with clean, potable water and wait until water has absorbed and no standing water is left behind. Begin tuckpointing.

Mixing Guidelines

Use clean, potable water for mixing. Mixing by mechanical means such as a mortar mixer or a drill with paddle mixer is recommended. Pre-hydrate the mortar by using only enough water to wet all the material. Mix for 3-5 minutes. At this point the mortar should be able to hold its shape. Allow the mortar to stand for 60-90 minutes, then add water and mix to the proper consistency for application. Mortar should be re-tempered with water only as needed to maintain a workable consistency. Unused mortar should be discarded after 2.5 hours from initial mixing.


N-3 Mortar Mix is light gray and can easily be colored with standard mortar pigments. Follow pigment manufacturer guidelines.


Mortar should be packed tightly into joints in ¼” lifts or as directed by engineer or architect. If mortar is applied in lifts, each lift should become thumbprint hard before additional lifts are applied. Continue placement until the joints have been filled completely. Tool joints when mortar is thumbprint hard.


Clean in accordance with instructions from engineer or architect and follow
instructions provided by the cleaner manufacturer.

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

50 lb. polyethylene-lined bag

0.46 ft 3

800 in 3


Grainger Order Number  64UX18