Latex Concrete Repair Mortar™

2-component concrete resurfacer and thin patch

Repair Thickness

Featheredge to 1/4"

Set Time

1 Hour

Application Technique

Trowel, Brush


Latex Concrete Repair is a polymer modified high performance concrete repair and resurfacing mortar. Latex Concrete Repair Mortar powder is simply mixed with Tomes Polymer Liquid and applied from featheredge to 1/4″ thick in one application. Apply horizontal, vertical or overhead. Product has up to 1 hour working time and ready for light traffic in 6 to 8 hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit after application.

Dependable and Durable

• Trowel, brush or broom applied
• Heavy duty – Over 7000 psi
• Just add Tomes Polymer Liquid

• Includes one gallon of Tomes Polymer Liquid
• Portland Cement based
• Shrinkage-compensated

Where to Use

• Concrete or metal resurfacing
• Concrete patching up to 1/4” thick
• Resurface pitted concrete

• Driveways, sidewalks, marine
• Interior or exterior
• Balconies, parking garages


Latex Concrete Repair is a special blend of cement, aggregate and exclusive modifiers packaged with 1 gallon of Tomes Polymer Liquid. It is designed for general purpose and high performance concrete repair or resurfacing applications.


Trowel or broom apply to surface. For applications over ¼” thick, multiple applications are required. Rub or scratch part of the mixed material onto surface immediately prior to application. For finer finishing use a concrete finishers broom. For all applications, rub or scratch mixed material onto surface immediately prior to application.

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

40 lb. dry powder
with 1 gallon Latex Liquid

0.34 cu. ft.