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History of JE Tomes
Joe Tomes, president of JE Tomes, started formulating concrete repair mixtures in 1988. With many years of experience in the concrete industry as a technical product rep, he saw a need for increased efficiency and higher performance mixes for shotcrete and started US Shotcrete Inc in 1989. His first product was Gun-Rite™ HP, a prepackaged shotcrete enhancer that is still widely specified today. Gun-Rite™ HP was the first product of its kind, giving contractors the ability to bulk mix shotcrete without field batching additives, saving labor time and increasing consistency in the final product. As their popularity grew, new products were developed, including specialty shotcrete cements and prepackaged shotcrete mixes.

In 1999 Joe saw an opportunity to expand his product offerings and purchased The Camp Company, a well known concrete flooring and resurfacing manufacturer that had been manufacturing products since 1935. Joe combined US Shotcrete and The Camp Company into JE Tomes. Many of the original Camp products, such as HydroPlug™, Dry Latex Concrete™ and Dry Fast Set™, still exist today under the JE Tomes label. 

As industry awareness of JE Tomes’ innovative products grew, contractors started asking JE Tomes to fill other gaps in the market. One need at the time was a polymer-modified concrete that would remain flowable long enough for laborers to mix it, travel 20 to 30 stories on a swing stage, and pour into a form. When Form Flo P-38™ was created, it met and exceeded these guidelines. In addition to its long flow time without segregation, it included air entrainment for freeze thaw durability and corrosion inhibitors to slow the deterioration of reinforcing steel. Form Flo P-38™ rose to the top of the high rise repair market and remains there today. JE Tomes was awarded the ICRI Award of Merit, High Rise Category.

To accommodate expansion and update manufacturing processes, JE Tomes built a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in 2001, adding new equipment in 2004, 2009, and 2012. JE Tomes continues to develop products and enter into strategic partnerships for blending, private labeling and distribution, offering a wide range of top quality restoration products for concrete and masonry.