Bonding & Coating

For high performance and durable repairs

  • Dependable & durable
  • Easy to use, formulated to last


Bonding Agents, Coatings and Treatments

B-1 Rebar Coating & Bonding Agent™ Long lasting protection against corrosion Details
Concrete & Plaster Bond™ Improves bonding for cement-based toppings, patches, stucco, plaster, gypsum and masonry Details
TRC Trowel-Rite & Cure™ Finishing aid Details

Primers and Polymer Additives

JETaFLOW™ Primer Primer for JETaFLOW self leveling topping Details
Latex Polymer Liquid™ Increases durability in concretes and mortars, seals dusty concrete floors Details


White Aqua Shield™ Waterproofing interior and exterior walls Details
Best Uses

Indoors or outdoors
Where added durability is required
Concrete or masonry surfaces, including concrete walls, blocks, tanks, or substrates
Partial or full repairs
Plaster bonding or primer, primer for JETaFLOW
Reinforcing steel
Corrosive environments, to protect rebar from further corrosion

Types of Structures

High rise buildings
Balconies, parking garages
Marine structures
Swimming pools
Basement walls