TintCrete™ Colored Patching Mortar

Color tinted polymer modified repair mortar with corrosion inhibitor

Repair Thickness

Featheredge to 1 1/2"

Set Time

20 Minutes

Application Technique







TintCrete™ Colored Concrete Patch is a 1 component, polymer modified, high performance decorative color concrete repair and resurfacing mortar that is available in 14 standard colors to reduce the appearance of repairs. TintCrete™ Tinted Cement Patch is simply mixed with water and applied from featheredge to 1 1/2″ thick in one application. Apply horizontal, vertical or overhead. Product sets in 20 to 45 minutes and ready for light traffic in 3 to 4 hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dependable and Durable

• Corrosion inhibitor included
• Heavy duty – Over 4500 psi
• Portland cement based
• One component – Just add water

• Polymer modified
• Shrinkage-compensated
• 14 standard colors
• Colors can be mixed for better matching


Where to Use

• Featheredge to over 1 1/2″ thick
• Patch concrete and mortar
• Resurface concrete
• Interior or exterior surfaces

• Horizontal, vertical or overhead
• Warehouse floors, bridges
• Beams, columns or balconies
• Full depth repairs when extended


TintCrete™ Color Concrete Patch is a special blend of cements, aggregates and exclusive modifiers. Designed for general purpose and high performance colored concrete patching, repair or resurfacing applications.


Trowel apply. Apply material within 15-20 minutes of mixing. Rub or scratch part of the mixed material onto surface just prior to application. For thickness over 1 1/2″ apply in multiple lifts allowing material to dry between applications or consider using TintCrete™ Colored Concrete.

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

50 lb. pails

0.43 cu. ft.