Crack Repair

Permanent Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Menders, Crack Seal, Plugs for Leaks

Quick, Permanent Crack Repairs

  • Reduce application time with quick setting formulas
  • Products are formulated to provide permanent repairs

Horizontal Surfaces

10 Minute JET-Crete™ Fast permanant repairs for concrete surfaces Details

Vertical Surfaces

Liquid Crak Seal™ Seals basement wall cracks from the outside Details

All Surfaces

HydroPlug™ Patch and repair active leaks in 3-5 minutes Details
Super HydroPlug™ Patch and repair active leaks in 1-2 minutes Details

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Best Uses

Quickly patch cracks in basement walls and concrete walls.
Stop active leaks.
Patch cracks in floors, roads, and runways.

Types of Structures

Concrete walls
Basement walls
Roads and runways
Active leaks