JETaFLOW™ Concrete Primer

Primer for JETaFLOW self leveling topping

Repair Thickness

5 to 10 mils

Set Time

1 -2 Hours

Application Technique



JETaFLOW Concrete Primer is a special water-base primer / bonding agent designed to improve bonding and flow for JETaFLOW Cement Primer self-leveling topping. Once JETaFLOW Primer dries clear (approximately 1-2 hours) topping can be applied up to 3 days later.

Dependable and Durable

• Easy to mix and apply
• Long lasting formula
• Will not re-emulsify
• Water will not affect the dry bond

• Highly versatile
• Self-bonding and self-curing
• Breathable

Where to Use

• Indoors and outdoors
• Primer for JETaFLOW

• Bonding new concrete to old
• Plaster bonding or primer


JETaFLOW Cement Primer is a special water-base bonding agent designed to improve flow and bonding for JETaFLOW topping. Once JETaFLOW Concrete Primer dries clear topping can be applied same day or up to 3 days later.


Broom apply onto surface taking care to avoid puddling. JETaFLOW Primer has a milky white appearance Allow to dry clear (approx. 1-2 hours) prior to JETaFLOW application. If applied product accumulates dust or debris before topping is applied, reapply JETaFLOW Primer or product effectiveness will be significantly reduced.

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

1 gal.
Also available: 5 gal. unit

Up to 150 sq. ft.