Category: Bonding & Coating

B-1 Rebar Coating & Bonding Agent is a special water-based rebar coating and bonding agent designed for cement-based repairs or overlay toppings. Cement-based toppings can be applied immediately after B-1 Rebar Coating & Concrete Bonding Agent dries completely or up to 5 days later.

Concrete & Plaster Bond is a special water-based bonding agent designed to improve bonding for cement-based materials, stucco, plasters, gypsum and masonry. Once Concrete & Plaster Bond Agent dries clear topping can be applied immediately or up to 3 days later.

TRC Trowel-Rite & Cure is a finishing aid that allows for quick, effortless finishing.

JETaFLOW Concrete Primer is a special water-base primer / bonding agent designed to improve bonding and flow for JETaFLOW Cement Primer self-leveling topping. Once JETaFLOW Primer dries clear (approximately 1-2 hours) topping can be applied up to 3 days later.

Water Absorbent Latex Polymer Liquid is used for increased durability in concrete, mortars, underlayments, thin set mortars, resurfacing mortars or sealing dusty floors. Apply as an admixture or brush for sealing. Latex Polymer Liquid is a milky white color and dries clear and absorbs water.