Gun-Rite™ SuperFlo

Super plasticizing blend


Gun-Rite SuperFlo is a highly concentrated liquid plasticizing admixture that allows for easier pumping and flow capability. Gun-Rite SuperFlo increases strength development, slump life and reduces water demand.

Dependable and Durable

• Proven “Gun-Rite” admixture
• Lowers water / cement ratio
• Increases slump life

• Compatible with most concrete mixes
• Compatible with all Gun-Rite shotcrete
• Compatible with most shotcrete mixes

Where to Use

• Large and small structural repairs
• Bridge repairs
• Parking garage restoration
• Interior or exterior surfaces

• Wastewater tanks
• Slope stabilization
• Mines or manholes


A superplasticizing liquid blend that allows for greater pumping capability, increased strength development, slump life and reduces water demand. Designed for general-purpose and high performance shotcrete and concrete applications.


Type F Water Reducing ASTM C 494, High range admixture and upper range for type G Water reducing and retarding admixture

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

5 gallon pails
55 gallon drums