B-1 Rebar Coating & Bonding Agent™

Long lasting protection against corrosion

Repair Thickness

Up to 10 mils

Set Time

1 Hour

Application Technique

Brush, Spray


B-1 Rebar Coating & Bonding Agent is a special water-based rebar coating and bonding agent designed for cement-based repairs or overlay toppings. Cement-based toppings can be applied immediately after B-1 Rebar Coating & Concrete Bonding Agent dries completely or up to 5 days later.

Dependable and Durable

• Water-based: 1 component
• No mixing, no waste
• Includes rust converter
• Bonding agent for concrete repair
or concrete overlay material

• Includes migrating corrosion inhibitor
• Long open time – up to 5 days between
priming and repair
• Breathable – not a vapor barrier
• Long lasting protection against corrosion

Where to Use

• Reinforcing steel
• Concrete substrates
• Protect rebar from further corrosion

• Rebar coating and bonding agent in one coat
• Corrosive environments


B-1 Rebar Coating & Bonding Agent is a special water-based rebar coating & bonding agent designed to protect reinforcing steel (rebar) from further corrosion and improve bonding for cement-based toppings. Product contains a special rust converter and migrating corrosion inhibitor to ensure lasting protection. B-1 Rebar Coating & Cement Bonding Agent uses migrating corrosion inhibiting and rust converting technology. Product does not contain sacrificial zinc that may lose effective corrosion protection over time.


B-1 Rebar Coating & Bonding Agent can be brush or spray applied. Apply at approximately 5-7 mils. Wait until product is dry to touch or completely dry before topping application. If conversion spots show on coating before topping, apply additional coat(s) as necessary. Apply cement based topping within 5 days.

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

1 qt.
Also available: 5 gal. unit

Up to 250 linear ft.