Form Flo P-51™ Concrete Mix

High flow concrete mix with corrosion inhibitor – DOT approved

Repair Thickness

1" to 24"

Set Time

30 Minutes

Application Technique

Pour, Pump

The only packaged mix approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation for repairs! Use it as an alternative to Ready-Mix. It saves times, money, and is perfect for delivering to difficult locations.

Form Flo P-51 is a 1 component, high flow concrete mix. Form Flo P-51 is mixed with water and applied from 1″ thick to 24″. Product includes 3/8″ aggregate, flow agents, air entrainment, and corrosion inhibitor.

Dependable and Durable

• High performance – Technical grade
• High flow – Long pouring time
• One component – Just add water
• Portland Cement based

• Includes 3/8″ rock
• Shrinkage-compensated
DOT Approved
• Air entrained – Freeze/thaw durable
• Corrosion inhibitor included

Where to Use

• Form and pour applications
• Concrete repairs minimum 1″ thick
• High rise buildings
• Balconies, parking garages

• Partial or full repairs
• Bridges, tunnels, marine structures
• Interior or exterior
• Horizontal, vertical, overhead


Form Flo P-51 is a special blend of cement, aggregate and exclusive modifiers. Designed for general purpose and high performance concrete repair and restoration applications.


Pour into form or apply horizontally at a minimum thickness of 1″ within 30 minutes.

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

65 lb. heavy-duty polyethylene bag yields

0.55 cu. ft.