Form Flo P-51™ Concrete Mix

High flow concrete mix with corrosion inhibitor – DOT approved

Repair Thickness

1" to 24"

Set Time

30 Minutes

Application Technique

Pour, Pump


Form Flo P-51 is a 1 component, high flow concrete mix. Form Flo P-51 is mixed with water and applied from 1″ thick to 24″. Product includes 3/8″ aggregate, flow agents, air entrainment, and corrosion inhibitor.

Dependable and Durable

• High performance – Technical grade
• High flow – Long pouring time
• One component – Just add water
• Portland Cement based

• Includes 3/8″ rock
• Shrinkage-compensated
DOT Approved
• Air entrained – Freeze/thaw durable
• Corrosion inhibitor included

Where to Use

• Form and pour applications
• Concrete repairs minimum 1″ thick
• High rise buildings
• Balconies, parking garages

• Partial or full repairs
• Bridges, tunnels, marine structures
• Interior or exterior
• Horizontal, vertical, overhead


Form Flo P-51 is a special blend of cement, aggregate and exclusive modifiers. Designed for general purpose and high performance concrete repair and restoration applications.


Pour into form or apply horizontally at a minimum thickness of 1″ within 30 minutes.

Packaging and Yield
Unit Size Approx. yield

65 lb. heavy-duty polyethylene bag yields

0.55 cu. ft.